Thunder Bay Baseball Trade History

Trade Date Team 1 Players Team 2 Players
12/6/2017 Cracksville Plumbers FWK Rd 8 (8.5) and MFP rd 9 (9.12) San Antonio Saints SAS Rd 6
1/14/2017 Lincoln Tunnel Rats John Lester and LTR Rd 3 Emerald City Bombers James Paxton, Yasmany Tomas and Domingo Santana
1/14/2017 Lincoln Tunnel Rats Tanner Roark Jersey Damage Inc. Jer Rd 1 and Jer Rd 5
7/20/2016 Los Angeles Halos LAH Rd 1 Lincoln Tunnel Rats Dallas Keuchel
6/1/2013 Stone Mountain Confederates Chipper Jones Lincoln Tunnel Rats Rd 4
7/21/2008 Colorado Gladiators Kenny Lofton Lincoln Tunnel Rats LTR Rd 5
7/10/2008 Smith Mills Mammoths Kenji Johjima, Rafael Betancourt, and Luis Ayala and SMM Rd 1 Lincoln Tunnel Rats Geovany Soto, Jason Kendall and Ramon Ramirez.
12/20/2007 Kentucky Wildcats Rafael Soriano and KEN Rd 8 Lincoln Tunnel Rats Rhadames Liz and LTR Rd 2
2/9/2007 Carefree Coyotes CAR Rd 2 Lincoln Tunnel Rats Randy Winn
1/8/2007 Lincoln Tunnel Rats Doug Davis Carefree Coyotes CAR RD 3 and CAR RD 6
1/8/2007 Newark Eagles Greg Maddux and NEW Rd 5 Lincoln Tunnel Rats Daniel Cabrera
7/13/2006 Lincoln Tunnel Rats Andy Pettitte West Orange Panthers aaaJeff Nieman and PAN Rd 1
7/12/2004 Simi Valley Senators Aaron Boone, Tim Spooneybarger, and Mark McLemore Kentucky Wildcats KEN 2005 RD 1, Michael Ryan, Felipe Lopez, and Pokey Reese