Thunder Bay Baseball Transaction History

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Transaction History for 2021 Season
Transaction Date Team Player(s) Waived Player(s) Added
7/23/2021 West Orange Panthers Joey Bart, Adeiny Hechavarría, Cody Heuer, Chris Owings, Ryan Sherriff, Trent Thornton Richard Bleier, Carson Fulmer, Grayson Greiner, Wade Leblanc, Wade Miley, Luis Rengifo
7/23/2021 Capital City Capitals Rex Brothers and Castilla Robbie Erlin and Ryne Harper
7/23/2021 Seattle Rainers OVERUSED - Kyle Farmer 208 % PA vs LHP Pending
7/23/2021 West Orange Panthers OVERUSED - Yairo Munoz 241 % PA vs LHP Pending
7/23/2021 Newark Hen House OVERUSED - Jazz Chisholm 284 % PA vs LHP Pending
7/23/2021 Seattle Rainers OVERUSED - Dylan Moore 115 % PA Pending
7/23/2021 Louisville Bats OVERUSED - Brandon Liebrandt 114 % BF Pending
7/23/2021 Colorado Gladiators OVERUSED - Ljay Newsome 115 % BF Pending
7/23/2021 Houston Oil Barons Evan Marshall Geoff Hartlieb
7/22/2021 Stone Mountain Confederates Kody Hoese, Grant Holmes, Howie Kendrick and Daz Cameron Ross Detwiler, Joe Kelly, Chance Sisco, Derek Dietrich
7/22/2021 Newark Hen House Jason Kipinis Mike Freeman
7/22/2021 Jersey Damage Inc. Darren O'Day Colton Brewer
7/22/2021 Atlanta Knights Homer Bailey, Andrew Kitteridge, Shed Long, Jonathan Arauz and Jordan Luplow Ben Braymer, Andrew Velzquez, Delino Deshields, Leury Garcia and Chi Chi Gonzalez
7/21/2021 Protect Your Nuts Stefan Crichtron, Pete Fairbanks, Grant Dayton and Daniel Murphy Nick Pivetta, Casey Sadler, Ryan Borucki and Anthony Misiewicz
7/21/2021 Philadelphia Smackdown Sam Haggerty, Monte Harrison and Julian Merryweather Joey Gerber, Jesus Tinoco and Brandon Bailey
7/20/2021 Newark Hen House Jamie Barria and Ronald Guzman Ivan Nova and Abraham Toro
7/20/2021 Colorado Gladiators Justin Topa and Tyler Chatwood Jake Lamb and Archie Bradley
7/20/2021 Cracksville Plumbers Sam Selman Dustin Garneau
7/20/2021 Louisville Bats Harold Castro, Zack Burdi, Brandon Leibrandt, Brett Martin, Hansel Robles, Shaun Anderson and Jace Fry Jason Adam, Will Harris, Dee Gordon, Alex Avila, Chase Anderson, Jeff Hoffman and JT Riddell
7/20/2021 Colorado Gladiators Kerry Mella, and Michael Chavis Roster to 40 Players
7/20/2021 San Carlos Aces Buttery and Stashak Carlos Estevez and Joe Jimenez
7/20/2021 Beartooth Bitteroots Roster to 40 Players Matt Carpenter and Thomas Hatch
7/20/2021 Springfield Isotopes Roster to 40 Players Roster to 40 Players
6/24/2021 Michigan Whitecaps T. Hatch and J. Noll. Dan Altavilla and Jake Woodford
6/24/2021 Houston Oil Barons `Colton Brewer Roster to 40 Players
6/24/2021 Seattle Rainers OVERUSED - Caleb Baragar 127 % BF Pending
6/24/2021 Emerald City Bombers OVERUSED - Alex Dickerson 288 % PA vs LHP Pending
6/23/2021 West Orange Panthers Jorge López and Yairo Munoz Adeiny Hechavarría and Kyle McGowin
6/23/2021 Colorado Gladiators Kohei Arihara AAA Keury Mella
6/23/2021 Lincoln Tunnel Rats Kirby Yates Cody Ponce
6/23/2021 Louisville Bats Chance Sisco and Ross Stripling Brandon Liebrandt and Tyler Naquin
6/21/2021 Jersey Damage Inc. Jacob Junis and Geoff Hartleib Zach Godley and Sam Howard
6/21/2021 Protect Your Nuts Archie Bradley, Sam Hillard and JR Murphy Brad Boxberger. Ehire Adrianaza and Drew Butera
6/20/2021 Emerald City Bombers aaaAlex Faedo and Roberto Osuna Tyrone Taylor and Jace Peterson
6/20/2021 Atlanta Knights Jacob Webb Andrew Kittredge
6/20/2021 Beartooth Bitteroots Roster to 40 Players Nick Nelson
6/20/2021 Cracksville Plumbers Tommy Hunter, Gio Gonzalez, Leury Garcia and Roughned Odor Justin Smoak, Jared Hughes, Michael Givens, Jonathan Holder, Ender Inciarte
6/20/2021 Springfield Isotopes T. Nido and Jonathan Davis Erick Kratz
6/20/2021 Atlanta Knights Travis Blakenhorn, Chase Anderson and Nick Markakis Homer Bailey, Jay Bruce and Jordan Luplow
6/20/2021 Newark Hen House Devin Smeltzer, Logan Allen, Buck Farmer and Adam Kolarek Asher Wojcechowski, Josh A Smith, Nick Vincent and jake Newberyy
5/24/2021 Newark Hen House OVERUSED - Devin Smeltzer 116% BF Pending
5/24/2021 Seattle Rainers OVERUSED - Michael Perez - 423 % PA vs LHP Pending
5/24/2021 Colorado Gladiators OVERUSED - Lorenzo Cain - 116 % PA Pending
5/24/2021 Jersey Damage Inc. David Price Roster to 40 Players
5/24/2021 Louisville Bats Taylor Widener and Jordan Luplow Jace Frye and Shaun Anderson
5/24/2021 Protect Your Nuts Sandy Leon John Ryan Murphy
5/19/2021 Capital City Capitals Roster to 40 Players Rex Brothers
5/16/2021 Cracksville Plumbers Deshields Choo
5/12/2021 Colorado Gladiators LJ Newsome and Anthony Kay Jimmy Cordero and Justin Topa
5/10/2021 Louisville Bats Lewis Brinson and Luis Rengifo Stephen Voght and Brett Martin
5/10/2021 Springfield Isotopes Hunter Harvey, Wyatt Mathieson, Mychal Givens, Andrew Knizner, Matt Carpenter Connor Brogdan, Christian Arroyo, Jonathan Davis, Leury Garcia, Conner Menez
4/23/2021 Houston Oil Barons Roster to 40 Players Colten Brewer
4/22/2021 West Orange Panthers Jimmy Cordero and Mallex Smith Chris Owings and Ryan Sheriff
4/22/2021 Colorado Gladiators Roster to 40 Players Cole Sulser
4/12/2021 Springfield Isotopes Jose Leclerc Tomas Nido
4/10/2021 Louisville Bats Robert Stephenson Taylor Widener
4/1/2021 Colorado Gladiators Abraham Toro and Miles Mikolas Jordan Lyles
4/1/2021 Protect Your Nuts Arisdes Aquino Roster to 40 Players