Past All Star Games



National League Squeaks by with 7-6 Win

On a hot muggy day in St. Louis with the temperature at 101 degrees the All Star Game was played that kept fans in their seats despite scorching heat and drenching humidity.

To start the game, the AL bats were quiet going out 1-2-3 in the top of the first.

The Nationals started quickly with a single by Sizemore and a double by Pujols to take an early lead off of AL starter Sorrenstine. In the bottom of the second Manny Ramirez, in his element with all of the attention and hamming it up for the crowd, showed fans why we put up with the antics by unloading on a AS pitch to launch a home run deep to left field. The awe provoking moon shot took the lead to 2-0 for the Nationals.

Dempster replaced Verlander who struck out 4 American Batters giving up no hits. Tory Hunter walked and stole 2nd. Hairston bunted him over to 3rd....what was this "small ball" being played here? Hanley Ramirez walked and stole 2nd. Mauer grounded out to score Hunter and move Ramirez to 3rd. Arod hit a hot grounder to Youkilis who booted it to score Ramirez. It was now a 2-2 tie, with the AL without the benefit of a hit.

In the 4th the AL continued to go hitless, so after 3 and a half innings it was a 2-2 tie and the NL had a no-no brewing...

In the bottom of the 4th, Manager Pittner made a curious decision that was later questioned by the press and the talking heads after the game. Hllady who had pitched a strong 3rd for the AL was scheduled to go 2 innings but was yanked by Pittner and replaced by Campillo. This turned out to be the key decision in the game.  Was Pittner protecting Halladay's arm for the Coyote stretch run in a desperate attempt to get back in the pennant race to win a second consecutive title? This was the question being asked. As it turned out, Campillo did not have it today. He beaned Manny which drew a chorus of boos from the home NL crowd, mixed with some cheers. Carlos  Quientin showed he belonged lining a double to lf. After an out by Kinsler , Josh Hamilton, showed he will be a force at all star games for the next decade by crushing a ball to deep RF for a 3 run bomb. After another out, young up and comer Matt Kemp also put on a show with a shot to deep Left center field that made the score 6-2.
Joe Mauer got the first hit for the AL, muscling a pitch into shallow RF. Berkman followed with a double. AROD was walked we ever see Intentional walks at all star games...and in the 5th inning? Bradley lined a single to score Mauer. Papelbon was being brought in to stop the rally. Cust walked to force in a run to make it 6-4. With one out and bases loaded Vlad was coming to the plate and Ortiz was moving to the on deck circle. Papelbon proceeded to strike out an aggressive Vlad and Ortiz came to the plate....Paps vs. Pappy...bases loaded  ...2 outs...close game....only thing missing was this was just the bottom of the 5th...not the 9th....the intensity was at the level of the 7th game of the world series...well...maybe it was just the 101 degree heat...LOL...well anyways...Ortiz drove a ball deep...the crowd rose to its feet...only to die at the warning still had 4 innings to go.

In the bottom of the 6th after 2 outs, J. Reyes singled and stole 2nd and came home on a Soto single to make it 7-4  Nationals. In the top of the 7th, after a Berkman single, Milton Bradley struck again to drive in runs with a 2 run HR. It was now 7-6 Nationals.

We move to the 9th....Dan Haren was brought in to close for the Nationals....Berkman, AROD and Milton Bradley due up for the AL...After 2 quick outs, Milton stepped to the plate already batting in 3 runs today....after a couple of pitches he drove a ball deep to LF....back, back, back....but it died at the Ortiz's shot in the 5th and the game ended with the Nationals victorious 7-6.

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