Thunder Bay Baseball Transaction History

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Transaction History for 2020 Season
Transaction Date Team Player(s) Waived Player(s) Added
7/24/2020 West Orange Panthers John Hicks, Trey Wingenter, Tony Sipp and Robert Duggar. tanner Anderson, Jerry Blevins, Tyson Ross AND Paul Swald
7/23/2020 Newark Hen House Logan Allen and Addison Russel Blaine Hardy and Pedro Strop
7/23/2020 Stone Mountain Confederates Yairo Munoz Charlie Culberson
7/21/2020 Jersey Damage Inc. Wellington Castillo Jeff Mathis
7/21/2020 Capital City Capitals Austin Pruitt, aaaTanner Burns, aaaJhoan Duran Bryan Shaw, Adrian Sampson, Taylor Clarke
7/20/2020 Houston Oil Barons Scott Wilkerson Curtis Granderson
7/20/2020 Stone Mountain Confederates Alec Mills and Andrew Kittredge Tim Melville and Jerfy Rodriguez
7/18/2020 Protect Your Nuts Lucroy and Kolarek Grayson Greiner and Tim Mayza
7/15/2020 Gotham CityHawks Tim Hill, Sean Reid-Foley, Emmanuel Clase, Noelci aaaMarte Kevin Plawecki, Nick Goody, Evan Marshall and Austin Brice
7/11/2020 Springfield Isotopes Ryan Goins, Brad Weick, Cody Stashak, Robbie Grossman Greg Holland, Matt Moore and Jason Adam, Andrew Knapp
7/5/2020 Colorado Gladiators Zack Collins and Jordan Hicks Rafael Montero and Yimi Garcia
7/1/2020 Emerald City Bombers Pablo Reyes and Chad Sobotka. Tim Lopes and Sean Rodriguez
6/25/2020 Newark Hen House Kyle Freeland Jared Eickhoff
6/24/2020 Atlanta Knights Jasseel Delacruz Gerardo Parra
6/24/2020 West Orange Panthers Jefry Rodriguez Robert Dugger.
6/22/2020 Stone Mountain Confederates Anthony Kay and Jacob Webb Derek law and Alec Mills
6/22/2020 Michigan Whitecaps Heath Fillmyer Matt Albers
6/22/2020 Protect Your Nuts Yimi Garcia and Joe Kelly Brad Brach and Heath Hembree
6/22/2020 Cracksville Plumbers Matt Andriese a nd Evan Marshall Dustin Garneau and Jose Trevino
6/22/2020 Colorado Gladiators Luis Guillorme Adeiny Hecheveria
5/22/2020 West Orange Panthers Triston aaaCasas, Dylan Florio, Adeiny Hechavarria, and Hector aaaPerez John Hicks, Martin Prado, Joey Rickard, and Jefry Rodriguez
5/22/2020 Protect Your Nuts Alvarado, Jose and Valdez, Framber Holland, Derek and Bleier, Richard
5/22/2020 Stone Mountain Confederates Joe Palumbo Andrew Kittredge
5/20/2020 Jersey Damage Inc. Dillon Peters, Touki Toussaint and Dario Aragizal Wade leBlanc, Gabriel Ynoa and Trevor Cahill
5/20/2020 Cracksville Plumbers Jimmy Nelson Jandel Gustave
4/23/2020 Emerald City Bombers Jose aaaSiri Pablo Reyes
4/20/2020 Colorado Gladiators Ronald Bolanos, Rafael Montero and aaaGeraldo Perdomo Luis Guiilome, Greg Allen and Blake Parker
3/19/2020 Seattle Rainers Alex reyes Roster to 40 Players
3/19/2020 Newark Hen House Blake Parker and Jefry Rodriguez Roster to 40 Players
3/19/2020 Gotham CityHawks Lou Trivino Roster to 40 Players
3/19/2020 Houston Oil Barons Kyle Crick and aaaPineda Roster to 40 Players
3/19/2020 Siouxland Cyclists Pavin Smith Erik Gonzalez
3/19/2020 Los Angeles Halos Nick aaaGordon Roster to 40 Players
3/19/2020 Cracksville Plumbers Bradley Zimmer Roster to 40 Players
2/20/2020 Capital City Capitals Jonathan aaaSilver Roster to 40 Players
2/6/2020 West Orange Panthers Released Tony Cingrani Roster to 40 Players
2/6/2020 Protect Your Nuts Released Albert aaaAbreu, Jason aaaGroome and Steh aaaRomero Roster to 40 Players
1/16/2020 Seattle Rainers Ownership Changed from Jackson to Seattle
1/16/2020 Fog City Sea Dogs Ownership Changed from San Antonio to Fog City
12/1/2019 Protect Your Nuts Moved from Miller Park to Minute Maid Park for the 2020 Season
7/16/2016 Cracksville Plumbers Dustin Garneau and David Hale Connor Sadzeck and Matt Bowman